Alcachofas, gambas de Huelva, mollejas de lechazo y AOVE

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Recipes

Time: 2h 30min

Category: Meat

Cost: High

Difficulty: High

Brothers Pedro Mario and Oscar Manuel, Chefs of the Restaurant El Ermitaño in Benavente, share with us a recipe which is one of the main attractions on their spectacular menu; Artichokes and Prawns from Huelva with suckling lamb sweetbreads and extra virgin olive oil.


After more than 30 years of continuous training and evolution in the kitchens of El Ermitaño, Pedro and Oscar have made a place for themselves among the country's great chefs, and have placed theirs in a select group of restaurants, always seeking perfection.

It offers a creative contemporary menu, but the restaurant nonetheless has strong roots in the traditional cuisine of Castilla y León and its local produce.

The different visions of the two brothers complement each other and find a balance that is reflected in their cuisine.

Many years of sacrifice, continuous learning and evolution, together with their focus on augmenting high quality produce with exclusive original touches, led them in 2001 to achieve a more than deserved Michelin star, which they still retain today.

El Ermintaño is situated in a stately home named “Huerta de los Salados” which is located close to Benavente and which formerly belonged to the Marqueses de los Salados. The restaurant takes its name from a small hermitage dating from 1773 located in the gardens which surround the house.


On the menu you can find dishes that refuse to abandon tradition, such as Cecina rolls (salted dried meat), select foie from Castilla and quince jelly; Cod with trotters; and suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven. Alongside these, the brothers proudly exhibit their new creations such as:

  • Suckling pig confit with orange with its juice, citrus, tubers and roots
  • Free range egg with mount eel, Iberian pork ear chips and smoked potato
  • Roast deer in wild mushroom salt with boletus risotto with sheep cheese
  • Gilthead from estuary with salt of leek ash with sweet potato, olives, liliaceae and its anchovy broth
  • Wild boar loin crusted with turnip celery, pear chutney, dried figs and cocoa
  • “Skrei” cod tartar with anchovy, soy, plankton wasabi, tomato and pine nuts
  • Trout carpaccio, its caviar, cauliflower, plankton wasabi, seaweed, celery, cucumber, soy and sesame
  • Marinated squab, broken wheat, broccoli, vegetables, chanterelle, and citrus soy

….and their Artichokes and Prawns from Huelva with suckling lamb sweetbreads and extra virgin olive oil



For the sweetbreads:

Prepare the blanche with the water, the vegetables, the pepper and the salt.

Cook the blanche for 30 minutes and strain.

Blanch sweetbreads

Peel thoroughly.


Mix the GelBurger with the sweetbreads and add the water.

Mix well to properly hydrate and disperse the GelBurger.

Season and put into the mould.

Place a weight on top of the sweetbreads and set in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours.

Cut into 2.5 cm cubes.

Reserve in cold.

For the artichokes:

Mix the ingredients of the artichoke blanche well.

Clean the green leafy artichokes and peel the stem leaving only 2 cm of this.

Cut the crown of the artichoke leaving only the heart. Insert into the blanche.

Once all the artichokes are peeled, drain from the blanche.

Pack with PICUAL extra virgin olive oil and salt (4 pieces per package).

Confit in a steam oven at 90ºC for 45 minutes.

Cool and reserve in cold.

For the Arbequina parmentier with extra virgin olive oil:

Program the Thermomix at 90ºC and introduce the potato and cream.

Crush at speed 8 for 5 minutes until a fine texture is obtained.

Emulsify the oil and season with salt and pepper.

Reserve in a bowl at 55ºC.

NOTE: You can cool and raise again to 50ºC for a second use. It is advisable to do for the service.

For the soy-honey dressing:

Mix Iota carrageenan with soy and bring to the boil.

Add honey and melt it into the mixture.

Cool and reserve in cold.


Peel the prawns leaving the tail clean.

Pack (6 units per package).

Reserve cold.

Cut the artichokes into thin slices and fry in PICUAL extra virgin olive oil at 150ºC.

Reserve in a cool and dry place.



Rectangular slate plate


4pcs comfited artichokes

4 pcs cubed sweetbread

60g Arbequina Parmentier with extra virgin olive oil

6g dressing

6 pcs prawns from Huelva

4 pcs crispy artichoke


Cut the artichokes into quarters.

Grill the sweetbreads cubes sprinkled with garlic oil.

Heat the artichokes and the sweetbreads in the oven at 180ºC for 2’30’’, and the prawns seasoned and with a splash of PICUAL extra virgin olive oil for 1’30’’.

Arrange the parmentier lengthwise and place the artichokes, sweetbreads and prawns on top.

Warm in a salamander.

Add the crispy artichokes and season with the soy-honey dressing and a splash of ARBEQUINA extra virgin olive oil.


(Serves 10)

To blanche the suckling lamb sweetbreads:

1,000g Suckling lamb sweetbreads

3,000g Mineral water

150g Onion

150g Onion

150g Leek

8pcs Black peppercorns

25g Salt

To jellify the sweetbreads:

750g Suckling lamb sweetbreads (clean)

20g Mineral water

14g GelBurger

8g Salt-pepper

To blanche the artichokes:

40 Artichokes from Tudela de Duero

4,000g Mineral water

60g Lemon juice

60g Wheat flour

20g Parsley

To confit the artichokes:

40 Artichokes (clean)

1,500g PICUAL extra virgin olive oil


For the Arbequina parmentier with extra virgin olive oil:

500g Roasted potato (clean)

300g Culinary cream

200g ARBEQUINA extra virgin olive oil

Salt-white pepper

For the soy-honey dressing:

30g Soy

30g Heather honey

45g Iota carrageenan


60 Prawns from Huelva

3 Artichokes

Garlic oil

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