Ostra Ibérica

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Tapas

Today Abel de las Heras Fernández, owner and Chef of Wine Bistro, shares with us his Iberian Oyster Tapa.

Alcachofas, gambas de Huelva, mollejas de lechazo y AOVE

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Recipes

Brothers Pedro Mario and Oscar Manuel, Chefs of the Restaurant El Ermitaño in Benavente, share with us a recipe which is one of the main attractions on their spectacular menu; Artichokes and Prawns from Huelva with suckling lamb sweetbreads and extra virgin olive oil.

Cordero guisado con verduras de temporada

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Recipes

Antonio González, one of the most highly reputed chefs in Zamora, is a committed advocate for the exceptional quality of Zamora’s local products and works closely with a number of local projects to get that message out to the world at large. Today he brings us his recipe for Stewed Lamb with Seasonal Vegetables.

Pichón estofado de Tierra de Campos

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Recipes

Luis Alberto Lera, Chef of the Lera Restaurant in Castroverde de Campos shares with us the recipe for the star dish on his menu, Stewed Squab from Tierra de Campos.

Huevo de oca con Boletus

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Recipes

Gloria Lucía, a national icon in the world of mycology cuisine, and Elías Martín are the chefs and owners of Restaurante El Empalme at Rionegro del (Puente Zamora).

Steak Tartar de Tuétano de Sierra de La Culebra

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Tapas

Today Ana Isabel Rodríguez Crespo y Angel Esteban Juárez from Restaurante París share with us their Marrow Steak Tartar from Sierra de la Culebra, their creation for the contest “De Tapas x Zamora 2020”.

Golden honey

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Did you know…

Did you know that competition to be Queen Bee rages fiercely amongst professional honey producers?
Hundreds of honeys from all over the world competed at London International Honey Awards 2019, and only seven obtained the prized gold medal in the category of mountain honeys (Honey Dew).

Rulo de Lechazo IGP

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Tapas

Lechazo meat cooked at low temperature, a truffle parmentier and crunchy Zamorano DO cheese.

Today Sergio Santos and Jennifer Corvo from “Mise en Place” share with us their Rulo de Lechazo IGP, 2019 Tapas Award Winner in the Autochtonous Zamora Category.