DourOliva EVOO


Categories: , This is liquid gold from the olive groves of the Iberian Plateau Biosphere Reserve. It is a 100% Manzanilla monovarietal extra virgin olive oil cold-milled extracted and bottled only on request. This EVOO limited edition has a low level of acidity and one of the highest oleic acid content levels in the market. Enjoy it raw, with fresh cheeses, salads, cold sauces, tomatoes with garlic or a piece of toast.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arribes del Duero (Fermoselle- Zamora) made with 100% Manzanilla olives holds the Meseta Ibérica Biosphere Reserve limited production guarantee.

The olives are grown in the heart of Arribes del Duero (Fermoselle) and harvested at their optimum point of maturation, carefully selected and cold-milled, only by mechanical procedures, stored in stainless steel tanks and packed only on reques. It has a low level of acidity and high oleic acid content, being one of the highest on the market.


100% Extra virgin oilve oil manzanilla variety



Storage Care

Keep protected from sunlight and heat.


12 units per cardboard box


Energy 3,700kJ / 900kcal
Fat Total 99.9g
of which saturates 14.6g
Carbohydrate 0g
of which sugar 0g
Protein 0g
Fibre 0g
Salt 0g
* Typical values per 100g


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