La Antigua 57 Cabrales PDO

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Categories: , A blue cheese with a unique and unmistakable flavour and aroma, known all over the world and highly appreciated by lovers of cheese with character.

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  • 330g
  • 2.7kg

Maturation: 2-4 months

Legend has it that a farmer was keeping his milk safe and cool in a cave when he saw a beautiful shepherdess. They fell in love and ran off together. Months later, he remembered that milk forgotten in the cave and found that it had been transformed into a delicious blue cheese. Since then, the cattlefarmers of Cabrales have kept the curd of the milk in caves for the mountain to do its magic.

This blue cheese produced in Asturias under Cabrales cheese PDO is a raw cow’s milk cheese, in which Penicillium Roquefortis develops naturally and spontaneously producing its characteristic greenish-blue streaks. It is recognizable for its strong, deep and musty flavour, with an intense and very creamy acidic background.

Cabrales cheese has a soft, moist and sticky rind, gray in color with yellow-reddish areas. Its interior is white-ivory with a profusion of blue-green areas and streaks. It is characterized by an intense, penetrating and enveloping aroma.

On the palate it has a creamy and somewhat grainy texture that becomes more friable when matures.

It is a cheese for lovers of strong flavour who appreciate the value of long tradition.

This type of cheese is consumed with whole wheat bread. A good combination is with sweet dried fruits such as raisins, dates or figs. In Asturias it is accompanied by cider and for dessert with walnuts. Cabrales cheese also pairs well with sweet wines (Porto, Moscatel, Malaga, PX) since the sweetness of the wine neutralizes the spiciness , leaving a clean, sweet and velvety palate.


Raw cow's MILK, rennet and salt. Natural rind.


Whole pieces 2.7Kg
Wedges 330g

Storage Care

Store in a cool, dry place.
Leave at room temperature for 10 minutes before consumption.
Product shelf life 365 days from the date of packaging / 150 days when vacuum packaged


2 (2.7kg) / 16 (330g) units per box.


Energy 1,678 kJ / 404 kcal
Fat Total 31.7g
of which saturates 22.5g
Carbohydrate 0.9g
of which sugar <0.5g
Protein 28.8g
Salt 1.8g
* Typical values per 100g


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