Raw wild flowers honey

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Categories: , This raw wild flower honey is produced in the mountains of the Iberian Plateau Biosphere Reserve by artisan beekeepers following natural and organic standards. It has a limited production, obtained by a cold extraction method and never heat-treated nor processed. Honey from happy bees straight from the hive to your table to preserve its natural freshness.

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100% Pure Raw Artisan Multifloral honey from the Iberian Plateau that constitutes the Transboundary Biosphere Reserve between Spain and Portugal. Handmade natural extraction without any additives, pasteurization or chemical process. Certified quality as artisanal honey.


2021 Best amber honey at IV Spanish Honey National Competition
2020 Golden Award at London International Honey Award
2020 Named World Top 30 and Europe Top 9 at Black Jar Honey in North Carolina
2019 Golden Award at London International Honey Award
2019 Highly Commended for dark honeys at The County Dublin Honey Show
2019 Gold medal for dark honeys at IV Spanish Honey National Competition



This spring harvest honey shows in light orange tones and develops an unmistakable range of flavours and floral aromas, more liquid, friendly. It is a juicy, friendly and easy to take honey.

VISUAL: Amber between yellow and orange, visually reminds of Russian apple compote, clean and shiny honey, gives the impression of running between two densities, remarkably compact.

NOSE: Very subtle or faint smells, the quince predominates, even the grapefruit sweet, below the previous ones a note of beeswax, also the light aroma of jute sack.

MOUTH: Easy and prolonged passage with a certain unctuousness, without becoming cloying, obviously sweet but spectacularly acidic that extends its range, even reminds of tamarind pulp, tropical fruit, which makes you salivate for a long time.



100% Pure Raw Multifloral honey


280g Gourmet Jar

Storage Care

Store at room temperature.
Raw honey has a natural tendency to crystallise. This process does not affect the quality. Placing the jar in warm water (max 40°C) will return it to its liquid form


Cardboard boxes


Energy 329.7kJ / 1,373kcal
Fat Total <0.01g
Carbohydrate 82.2g
of which fructose 36.6g
of which glucose 27.0g
of which sucrose 1.2g
of which maltose 2.7g
Protein 0.63g
Fibre <0.01g
Salt 3.05mg
* Typical values per 100g


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