The most exquisite lamb and goat in the world is roasted in the wood ovens of Castile. The local Churra, Castilian and Ojalada lamb breeds and our native goat are fed naturally and solely with milk and cereals to obtain this mouth-watering and unique meat; pale pink or pearly white colour, extremely tender, with little infiltration of fat, a very soft texture and with great juiciness. Our Castilian lamb and goat meet the highest international quality standards: IFS and Halal.

With our unique range you can enjoy a sumptuous traditional Castilian roast right here in the UK, ready prepared and with a restaurant quality result every time. The patented container in which the pieces are roasted preserves the juicy softness of the meat and then opens automatically for the last few minutes to achieve a crunchy finish. You will thank us for the clean oven as well!

Available for wholesalers only