We are a London based importer and distributor of Spanish food and wine. We love to eat and drink well and find ourselves in step with so many people in the UK today who value quality over quantity, appreciate craft and try to consume responsibly.

Our aim is to work with like-minded stores, retailers and members of the hospitality industry to bring premium quality products to the dinner tables of the UK.


The name of our company comes from the Spanish “Flavour from Zamora”, the region where our founder, Alvaro Perez hails from.

These products come from a part of Spain where time is running differently. A land of artisan producers where production systems have been passed down from generation to generation.

Zamora is a province in the region of Castile and Leon. The area lies to the north west of Madrid, close to the Portuguese border, and includes the valley of Duero river.

It is a region which is less well known to a British audience who have yet to discover the riches of Spain’s interior and its simple way of life.

Its exceptional natural environment, far from the pollution of the big cities, is the perfect place for growers, farmers and winemakers to achieve outstanding quality for their produce.

At Sabor Zamorano we are passionate about our products and ensure that we go right to the source, working with some of the best food and wine producers of this special region.

We consider all the partners and institutions who give us their support to be very much part of the project, you will find more details about them in the Partners section of this site. We also owe a debt of thanks to AE Don Sancho, Europarques, Ana Rosa González, Nino GarcíaMartin, Pablo Santos and José Luis Cabello for their valued help and assistance.

We intend to give you a deeper knowledge of our cuisine. It is important to us that the stores, retailers, the hotels and restaurants we work with are able to get a sense of the connection between the products we supply and their origins, to the unique heritage which contributes to their quality.

This is slow food in a venerable Spanish tradition, and we hope that you will enjoy with us.