Golden honey

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Did you know that competition to be Queen Bee rages fiercely amongst professional honey producers?

Hundreds of honeys from all over the world competed at London International Honey Awards 2019, and only seven obtained the prized gold medal in the category of mountain honeys (Honey Dew). Among them was the only Spanish produced mountain honey, our Zamoran honey by Las Obreras de Aliste.

Honey produced by Las Obreras de Aliste is 100% pure,
unblended, with no mixtures or additives, unfiltered, extracted manually
and produced sustainably using traditional methods.

In winning this gold award the mountain honey from Las Obreras de Aliste takes its place in a prestigious list alongside manuka honeys from New Zealand, chestnut honeys from Italy and Greece, thyme honeys from the UAE, pine honeys from Turkey, acacia honeys from Croatia and multi florals from Canada, Algeria or Zambia.


This award is the most prestigious one obtained by this honey so far but not the only one.

It was Highly Commended by County Dublin Beekeepers´ Association at The County Dublin Honey Show in November 2019.


It was a finalist in the Tasting of the Best Honeys in Spain in 2019, an event organized by Mieladictos; being selected for the top 16 out of a field of 158 honeys from all over Spain


This mountain honey is a mixture produced from the nectar of flowers, mainly chestnut, and the sugary solutions produced by insect bites and deposited on the leaves of trees and shrubs, in this case oak and holm oak. This honey contains less sugar than multifloral honeys and contains a higher concentration of polyphenol, a compound that gives it a greater antioxidant capacity.

It is obtained at the end of September and into October.

It is very well structured, with darker and deeper shades redolent of chestnuts. The texture is higher density, more defined and pronounced flavours create an intense sensory experience.

Appearance Liquid, clean, dark amber
Nose Sherry, dried fruits, a bit animal, raisins, roasted
Mouth Sherry, nuts, dried fruits, honeycomb, balsamic menthol. Aftertaste Sherry, dried fruits
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