Pichón estofado de Tierra de Campos

- by Alvaro PérezSZ | Recipes

Time: 1h 10minutes

Category: Game

Cost: Medium

Difficulty: Easy

Luis Alberto Lera, Chef of the Lera Restaurant in Castroverde de Campos shares with us the recipe for the star dish on his menu, Stewed Squab from Tierra de Campos.

Luis Alberto Lera, heir to one of Spain’s great gastronomic lineages, has managed to adapt his contemporary vision to the environment, giving his personal stamp to a gastronomy that is a true reflection of the Tierra de Campos, strong, intense and austere.

His passion for hunting and the habitual consumption of game in the region are the origins of his specialism.

In Tierra de Campos is one of the largest hunting temples in culinary Spain. Lera sets the national benchmark for lovers of game meat and his restaurant is a place of worship for gourmets. Here avant-garde and tradition go hand in hand.

On the menu you can find Salted Roe Deer, Deer and Pigeon, Small Game Croquettes, Pickled Quail and Rabbit, Lentils with Duck, Stewed Beans with Hare, Partridge with Collard Greens and Chestnuts, Wild Boar in Butter with Red Cabbage, Deep Blue Duck with Cinnamon, Pheasant and Quince but the star of the show is his Stewed quab from Tierra de Campos.

Wild squab from Tierra de Campos is the house's emblematic dish,
a unique product from this region, characterized
by an intense flavour and delicate texture.


Sauté the squabs until golden. Add the julienned onion, the crushed garlic, the pepper and the bay leaf. Once everything is browned, add the white wine and vinegar.

Reduce, cover with water and cook for 1 hour.


Present the squab on a plate, sauce and serve with fried potatoes.


(Serves 6)

6 Squabs

1 Onion, julienned

5 Garlic cloves, crushed

150g White wine

50g Vinegar

Bay leaves


White pepper


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