Fariza Zamorano PDO

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Categories: , A delicate nutty, organic Zamorano PDO cheese with a spicy finish, produced using time-honoured artisanal methods from the raw milk of native Churra and Castilian sheep.

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Maturation: 8 months (4 months medium size cheese)

This Protected Designation of Origin ‘Zamorano Cheese’ is made with 100% raw ewe’s milk from native Churra and Castilian breeds and produced organically in Zamora from the producers own flock.

The intensity of smell, flavour and spice increases with maturation, but is well perceptible even in this medium-aged cheese.

The aftertaste sensation is fine and delicate, enhanced by the aromas of fatty acids on the nose.

The persistence is long, with a slow evolution, very pleasant and subtle. On its disappearance it leaves a pleasant memory, inviting you to repeat the tasting.

R.G: ES 15.02893 / ZA CE

Organoleptic Characteristics
External colour: Dark brown.
Inner colour: Ivory with a slight yellowish tone and a semi-matt surface.
Smell: Memory of ewe’s milk, warm and pleasant, which is complemented by touches of cooked butter and hay.
Taste: Frank flavour, with perception of acid and salt among the elemental flavours, but balanced, reminiscent of well-evolved ewe’s milk curd, with a spicy sensation that intensifies and rounds off the set of flavours.
Texture: Soft, with a very pleasant unctuous impression, somewhat adherent and with moderate elasticity.



100% raw MILK from Churra and Castilian ewe produced organically (R.G: ES 15.02893/ZA CE), animal rennet, LACTIC FERMENTS and salt. Natural rind.


Whole pieces 2.5Kg / 1.2Kg approx.
Wedges 600g / 300g approx.

Storage Care

Store in a cool, dry place.
Leave at room temperature for 10 minutes before consumption.
Product shelf life 365 days from the date of packaging / 180 days when vacuum packaged


2 whole 2.5kg units per cardboard box.
8 wedges (600g) / 16 wedges (300g).


Energy 2,016kJ / 481kcal
Fat Total 42g
of which saturates 25.9g
Carbohydrate 0.1g
of which sugar 0g
Protein 27g
Salt 1g
* Typical values per 100g


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