La Antigua 70 Creamy

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Categories: , This artisanal cheese is a very rare and creamy delicacy made with raw ewe's milk renneted with cardoon which causes the cheese to soften during maturation and adds a slightly bitter note to the final product. A real gourmand's delight.

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  • 550g
  • 1kg

Maturation: 7-9 months

This artisanal soft cheese is made with raw ewe’s milk, vegetal rennet from the thistle flower and salt. It has a smooth, thin and edible rind. The cheese is preserved in special breathable packaging and retains a cloth covering, used to prevent the paste from escaping whilst the rind hardens.

It has a soft flavour but with intense personality and the small bitter touches typical of vegetable rennet.

To fully enjoy the texture, aroma and taste leave at room temperature before eating. We recommend cutting a lid in the surface and taking it by the spoonful or spreading it on bread. It can also be taken with fresh fruits, raisins or dates. For pairing, the ideal would be a sweet wine or a good port, a great companion to fatty and tasty cheeses like this one.

2018 Gold award at World Cheese Awards
2016 Bronze award at World Cheese Awards
2014 Gold award at World Cheese Awards
2014 Silver award at Global Cheese Awards
2013 Gold award at World Cheese Awards
2010 Silver award at World Cheese Awards


Raw ewe's MILK, natural thistle rennet and salt. Natural rind.


Whole pieces 1Kg / 550g

Storage Care

Store in a cool, dry place.
Leave at room temperature for 10 minutes before consumption.
Product shelf life 365 days from the date of packaging / 150 days when vacuum packaged


4 (1kg) / 6 (550g) units per box.


Energy 1,462.5kJ / 352.5kcal
Fat Total 30.0g
of which saturates 24.0g
Carbohydrate 1.0g
of which sugar <0.5g
Protein 19.5g
Salt 1.5g
* Typical values per 100g


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